Get off of my (Joli) cloud

This is going to be a bit of a weird column, some might say they all are, because I haven’t got anything to write about.

Most columnists get to this point sooner or later, and usually plug the gap by writing a column about how they got into that situation. It’s a noble tradition and whom am I to change it.

The thing is that I had been planning to install and review a free new operating system, Jolicloud, but when I sat down at the usual time of the week to do this column, Jolicloud stubbornly refused to start.

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Getting help online

Over the last few months I have been using MS Word 2010 as my wordprocessor and I’m getting to like it very much indeed.

The bit that I don’t like is its ribbon interface which has brought me no benefit and has had me searching through the Help facility on many occasions, looking for features which have been moved from where I was used to finding them.

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Blogging to print

Over the last couple of years I have done quite a lot of blogging to satisfy the creative urge but I came to realise that, no matter how fulfilling, it only exists in the online world.

There is no chance of leaving it lying around on your table for visitors to notice and admire while you’re off making the coffee. Clearly then, what was needed were printed versions of my blogs, and I didn’t foresee too much hassle or cost involved.

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Intro to Rock ‘n’ Roll

I’m a recent convert to Rock ‘n; Roll and am always interested to find something on the Internet to feed my growing interest in the subject. I was looking at the great Listverse site a while ago and found a list entitled:

Top 10 Rockers Who are Better than Elvis

The list was compiled by Maggot and features such artists as Link Wray, Duane Eddy, Little Richard and Chuck Berry. There is a very interesting writeup where Maggot puts each artist in context and supplies a link to a sample video of each, so you can get a flavour of what they’re about.

My knee-jerk reaction to the list was to wonder how anyone could be deemed better than Elvis but, as Maggot says, he doesn’t intend any slight. It’s just that Elvis, although a supreme performer, didn’t create much (if any) music of his own. Carl Perkins wrote and performed the great Blue Suede Shoes (and other stuff) which is why he makes the list and Elvis doesn’t, in spite of the fact that Elvis scored a bigger hit with it than Carl did.

The list is a great introduction to Rock ‘n’ Roll and you’ll have to go there to see who Maggot thinks is the Best Rocker of All Time.

Listverse is also packed with many other interesting lists.


Rock ‘n’ Roll links

I have come across two Rock ‘n’ Roll shows on BBC Radio. They are:

  • Mark Lamarr’s Shake Rattle and Roll  broadcasts on Tuesdays but is available for listening anytime for a week after each show  – page includes links to show playlists
  • Geoff Barker’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Party broadcasts on Saturdays but is available for listening anytime for a week after each show – playlists in the notes section of the show’s Facebook page.

A gem featured recently on one of the Rock and Roll Party shows is Si Cranstoun’s Dynamo.

Watch it but just don’t blame me if you can’t get that girl called Dynamo out your head…

2016 UPDATE: Mark Lamarr’s show is no longer with us but Geoff Barker has gone from strength to strength as has Si Cranstoun. Look out for Si’s Coup de Ville.


The evil empire strikes back, belatedly.

Good news arrived in my inbox just as I was sitting wondering what to base this column on.

The message was from the evil empire, Telkom, and basically said that its ADSL customers were going to be getting more bandwidth for their money from August 1, 2010. And about time too, I thought.

kenwright Bill Kenwright’s The Golden Years

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