Black and White

A cool magazine.

I was at the newsagent a couple of weeks ago and I found a magazine which is very much to my taste.  I might have mentioned it before, but imported magazines in South Africa are quite pricey and Black + White Photography, costing the same as 11.73 McDonalds cheeseburgers, is no exception.

I took a chance and bought the July 2009 edition and was very pleased that I did so. The mag is packed with interesting articles on various aspects of photography and a selection of superb monochrome images to get you inspired. In this issue, at least, there were a few equipment reviews, but the subject matter is overwhelmingly about photography, not equipment. The right balance in my view.

The articles included:

  • A profile on Paul Anthony, a reportage photographer.
  • Details on an exhibition being mounted by celebrity photographer Rankin.
  • Black & white news from the USA.
  • Photobook reviews.
  • Spotlight on Eamonn McCabe.
  • Tips for selling pictures.
  • Puttin together a portfolio.
  • A directory of black and white printing paper.

The mag does have a UK bias in that the exhibitions and happenings referrred to, are taking place there, and the adverts refer to UK shops. That didn’t matter at all to me because there is so much else in the magazine, and it’s incredibly inspiring.

You can get more information and subscription details on Black + White at the GMC Publications website. Surprisingly,  there are no articles posted online or any forums, but maybe, that fits in with the slightly old fashioned feel of the magazine. One of the articles concerns the author’s visit to Venice during which he uses a film camera, for heaven’s sake!!

Highly recommended!


A book bonanza

So, I hit the big ‘five oh’ almost a month back. It eas an experience that bummed me out more than somewhat, but it had the benefit that I got presents in the form of a fistful of book vouchers and some spending money.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to restock on photo-related reading material, and so that’s what I did. I’ll be talking about the things I bought in due course, but I will mention one of the items today.

It was July 2009 issue of Digital Photo magazine which I first encountered during a year I spent in the UK, and which inspired my first foray into digital imagery.  It has been available in South Africa for a number of years but I haven’t bought it often because, at the equivalent of 17.1 McDonald’s cheeseburgers, it’s quite pricy in this country. Anyway, with a gift voucher to burn, I thought I’d get myself a copy.

I see on the cover that it is now Britain’s largest selling photo magazine and I can see why, because it’s packed with useful hints and tips on photography and photo image manipulation. It has a CD-ROM with video tutorials which illustrate articles in the magazine. This issue has good articles on how to shoot a panorama and create Photoshop actions, among many others.

Digital Photo is probably aimed more at at the novice than anyone else, but there is enough in it to inspire the more experienced as well.  After reading the magazine for a while, and completing all the projects, you couldn’t help but get a thorough grounding in digital photography.  I know I did.

Digital Photo has an online presence at where you can subscribe and take advantage of online content which includes video tutorials, forums and advice. Talk of their videos, the first one to catch my eye was on shooting without using the camera’s viewfinder; and I thought I was being incredibly innovative when I put together an earlier post on doing exactly the same thing.

Digital Photo = Highly Recommended.