As You Do

By Richard Hammond

Weidenfeld & Nicholson: 2008

Richard Hammond is best known as The Hamster, the shortest of the three presenters on the BBC’s hugely successful Top Gear television programme. I am quite a fan of the show and took the opportunity to borrow the book when it was offered to me. To be quite frank, I wasn’t expecting all that much from it, but I thought it just might throw some light behind the scenes of Top Gear.

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The Case of the Missing Servant

By Tarquin Hall
Hutchinson: 2009

This book marks the first appearance of Delhi-based private eye Vish Puri whose usual business is checking into the backgrounds of prospective partners in arranged marriages. The detective is not your usual man-of-action hero but, instead, he is a portly 51 year-old Punjabi with an abiding passion for greasy food and a large crew of assistants modelled on Sherlock Holmes’s Baker Street Irregulars.

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Full House

By Janet Evanovitch and Charlotte Hughes

Headline Book Publishing: 2002

I am always very happy to find a new Janet Evanovitch book in the library and, when I saw Full House on the shelf, I seized it eagerly. In the introduction, Evanovitch explains that the book is a romance novel she wrote in 1989 and which is being rereleased for her fans.

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