A new year dawns

I confess that that the pressures of job hunting were getting to me and I was beginning to doubt the wisdom of seeking a new life in Australia. Fortunately, just when things were at their blackest last October, I did finally get a call from one of the organisations I had applied to.

Rural Press, which is based in Ormiston just South of Brisbane, needed an extra subeditor to work on their publications including Queensland Country Life, Northern Queensland Register and a number of others. I have been averaging two or so shifts each week since then, which has lifted a lot of the pressure on me.

The search for something more substantial goes on….


Au revoir FishNet

My last post marked the end of FishNet for the time being, at least. I will soon be on my way to a new land, to join family, and I wouldn’t have been able to keep the column up while I pack on this side of the water, and get settled on that.

I have been writing FishNet every week, more or less without a break, since July 2006. I’ll certainly miss doing it, but I have to admit that a rest from the relentless weekly deadlines will be most welcome

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Get off of my (Joli) cloud

This is going to be a bit of a weird column, some might say they all are, because I haven’t got anything to write about.

Most columnists get to this point sooner or later, and usually plug the gap by writing a column about how they got into that situation. It’s a noble tradition and whom am I to change it.

The thing is that I had been planning to install and review a free new operating system, Jolicloud, but when I sat down at the usual time of the week to do this column, Jolicloud stubbornly refused to start.

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Festive shopping made easy – part I

Shopping has never been one of my favourite occupations but looking for gifts for myself and others is, I suppose, the least objectionable form of it.

Me being me, however, my first move was certainly not to try and find parking at a busy shopping centre but instead, to fire up my trusty browser and go out onto the web to see what I could find.

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Getting help online

Over the last few months I have been using MS Word 2010 as my wordprocessor and I’m getting to like it very much indeed.

The bit that I don’t like is its ribbon interface which has brought me no benefit and has had me searching through the Help facility on many occasions, looking for features which have been moved from where I was used to finding them.

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Worldwide Photowalk

It was Scott Kelby’s third annual Worldwide Photo Walk on 24 July 2010 and I wasted no time in getting my name down for the Durban, South Africa, leg of the walk led by fellow camera club member Andrew Roos.

Our walk took place in Point Precinct Area which includes some of the beachfront and buildings ranging from the ultra-modern to the seriously distressed. The walk started and ended outside Moyo Restaurant at Ushaka Marine World and I noticed that restaurant had established a second instance of itself on the end of the adjacent pier.


I stuck a neutral density ND8 filter on the end of my 18-105mm lens and the 15-second exposure gave a misty effect on the waves that I liked, so I chose the shot as my entry for the Photowalk competition.

All my pictures taken on the walk:

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