We’re doing it all wrong, you know!

happilyThe Science of Happily Ever After
By Ty Tashiro
Harlequin, 2014

The thing that the vast majority of us do wrong is the way we go about choosing  life partners. This issue was sharply brought into focus for me after reading relationship scientist Ty Tashiro’s book The Science of Happily Ever After in which he says the numbers of people who manage to achieve ‘Happy Ever After’ relationships is a woefully small percentage of the population.

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Stage Fright

Stage Fright
By Marianne Delacourt
Allen and Unwin, 2012.


In Australia we’re privileged to have some world-class crime writers including the two Peters, Corris and Temple, but I wasn’t expecting all that much when I picked up the gaudily-jacketed Stage Fright by local Brisbane author Marianne Delacourt who, it turns out, is the alter ego of SF author Marianne de Pierres.

My first impression of the book was totally mistaken and I was delighted to find that Stage Fright is a really very good crime story and the third in the series about Tara Sharp, PI, who lives in the garage behind her well-to-do parents’ home in Perth.

In an unusual paranormal twist, she is able to read auras and even though she once thought she might be off her rocker, she has been taught to use her gift and it gives her the advantage of often being able to tell what’s going on under the surface with people she meets.

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As You Do

By Richard Hammond

Weidenfeld & Nicholson: 2008

Richard Hammond is best known as The Hamster, the shortest of the three presenters on the BBC’s hugely successful Top Gear television programme. I am quite a fan of the show and took the opportunity to borrow the book when it was offered to me. To be quite frank, I wasn’t expecting all that much from it, but I thought it just might throw some light behind the scenes of Top Gear.

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The Case of the Missing Servant

By Tarquin Hall
Hutchinson: 2009

This book marks the first appearance of Delhi-based private eye Vish Puri whose usual business is checking into the backgrounds of prospective partners in arranged marriages. The detective is not your usual man-of-action hero but, instead, he is a portly 51 year-old Punjabi with an abiding passion for greasy food and a large crew of assistants modelled on Sherlock Holmes’s Baker Street Irregulars.

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Full House

By Janet Evanovitch and Charlotte Hughes

Headline Book Publishing: 2002

I am always very happy to find a new Janet Evanovitch book in the library and, when I saw Full House on the shelf, I seized it eagerly. In the introduction, Evanovitch explains that the book is a romance novel she wrote in 1989 and which is being rereleased for her fans.

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