Au revoir FishNet

My last post marked the end of FishNet for the time being, at least. I will soon be on my way to a new land, to join family, and I wouldn’t have been able to keep the column up while I pack on this side of the water, and get settled on that.

I have been writing FishNet every week, more or less without a break, since July 2006. I’ll certainly miss doing it, but I have to admit that a rest from the relentless weekly deadlines will be most welcome

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5 thoughts on “Au revoir FishNet

  1. Give us a glimpse of the ‘new land’ through your splendid photography. Wishing you everything of the best for the future.

  2. Cheers me auld Mate,
    very sorry to hear that you are leaving us. I will certainly miss your column in the Tribune as it was the first thing I read in that paper. YOU HAVE RUINED MY SUNDAY MORNING !!**@@!! However, see if you can find the time to write another regular or even the occasional column when you have settled in your ‘ New Land “, which, if you have any sense will be ” The Lucky Country “…………AUSSIE. WOT A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY THAT IS !! ( I’d go there tomorrow if I could. ).
    However, GOOD LUCK Mate and hope to read you again sometime.
    Thanks for your past columns which I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Cheers from Durban,

  3. A mix up with my subscription left me confused about the absence of your column. Please be sure to restart this blog. It is the most interesting for Boomer IT challenged people like me to get some idea of what goes on in a language we understand and enjoy.
    Warmest wishes in your new environment

    • Hi Kevin. How on earth are you? I am going to start the column again in the nearish future although it might only be published twice a month. Cheers, Allan.

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