Damn that thieving YouTube

As time thieves go, YouTube must be a hands-down winner. While researching for my column this coming weekend, I happened to go past YouTube and think that I would quickly look up Kay Starr to see what she sounded like.

I first thought I would just listen to her singing Rock and Roll Waltz but I had forgotten about the list of suggested videos which YouTube puts up alongside the clip you happen to be looking at. How could I then resist looking at the lady singing Bonaparte’s Retreat, or clicking on the link on that page, to hear Willie Nelson singing the same song, and then to Patti Page singing Tennessee Waltz.

It was then only a short step to satisfy my curiosity as to whether Patsy Cline could sing it better than Patti. After that, I had wasted so much time that I thought I might as well click on the link and listen to Patsy singing Wayward Wind.

And we won’t even go into the half hour or so that I spent having a listen to some Connie Francis tracks. It was hours late, at least I did get the column down eventually…


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