Outlook 2010 – Part I

Just when I thought I was getting along so well with the Microsoft Office 2010 review copy that arrived the other day.

All was well until I decided to give Outlook a spin and expected it to easily import my mail and account settings from Windows Live Mail.


Outlook resolutely refuses to be told that there are account settings to be imported. There is an article on the Microsoft website which doesn’t help at all. It reads:


The instructions are great in that A), there isn’t a File Menu, only a File Tab and B), that there isn’t an Import/Export setting anywhere on that.

I eventually found that if you go to the File Tab and click Open, you do find an Import button but, when I clicked it and selected Import Internet Mail Account Settings, I got:


An hour wasted and no progress made. Bloody Great!!

I eventually managed to import my mail messages from Windows Live Mail but, by close of play, had still not managed to import my mail account settings.

More to come….


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