AutoCollage 2008

The other day I was visiting the Microsoft website and I discovered a couple of interesting little programs including AutoCollage 2008. It is a program which will produce various sizes of blended collages from the pictures in a folder on your computer.

It is quite a neat little program but offers you little in the way of control over how your collage turns out in the end. You can choose from a number of different layout sizes and decide how large you want you want the component images to be. Aside from that, however, you get what you get and the only thing you can do if you don’t like the results, is tell the program to try again.

You can get a trial version of the program from the program’s web page. The trial is fully functional but it puts a watermark on the collages it produces, as in the sample above. You can license the trial for $19.95 at one or other of the online Microsoft shops and it will stop adding watermarks, once you punch the license code in.

I think that AutoCollage can produce pleasing results but it’s not really something I can see myself wanting to do over and over again.


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