A cute trick

One of the frustrations I often encounter as an editor is that people will load pictures into a word processing document before sending  them to me for publication. It is a problem because there was no way of getting the pictures without losing a lot of quality and spoiling them.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

One very useful thing I discovered the other day is that you can retrieve pictures inserted in modern XML-format word processor files. These include Open Office’s .ODT and Microsoft Word’s .DOCX files and the trick works because they are not actually single files with images embedded in them.

They might have a single filename but they are really containers with a number of separate files in them, just like in a ZIP file, so that we can get at them. The way to retrieve the pictures is as follows:

  • Save a copy of the file under a new name.
  • Change the file extension from whatever it is is (.odt or .docx) to .zip so that, for example, sample.docx becomes sample.zip.
  • Open the file by double-clicking it (if your operating system supports that) or use an archiving program which supports ZIP files, such as Winzip.
  • Inside the file, there will be a number of things including a Pictures folder which holds all the pictures in the document, and which you can open just like a normal folder.

An XML wordprocessor file including the folder containing
the document’s picture content.



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