Making bad pictures

I went through a phase of playing lawn bowls but, although I haven’t played for a number of years, I have retained a piece of wisdom imparted by a grizzled veteran. He said that, no matter how good I got, I would still lose far more than I would ever win.

The same thing applies to photography, if you think about it, but there is the difference that your mistakes are preserved so that you can learn from them. Lisa Bettany made the point recently in her Mostly Lisa blog when she went through the photos in her collection and revisited some of her mistakes. She has put six of the worst up here, for us all to learn from.

The lesson we should take from all this is that it’s not bad to make mistakes. What’s bad is not to learn from them…

Lisa is not at all technical but she has a good fresh eye and there’s plenty of inspiration to be had from her pictures. It doesn’t hurt either, that she, in turn, is very easy on the eye. Check her out on her blog and on  Flickr.


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