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Over the years I have realised that I am not a true geek because I am not that interested in the technical minutiae such as processor speeds and all that sort of thing.

But I am pretty interested in technology however, and I do try and keep abreast of the latest and greatest in the computer world. I consume a fair amount of media on the subject each day and I thought I would share some of my favourite sources of information with you.

On the local scene, my first stop every morning is which always has the latest news on Internet connectivity and other technology issues in South Africa. It’s perfect for seeing which ISP is the latest to cut its broadband price, and to keep track of the doings of the telecommunications providers.

Probably my favourite source of information locally is the weekly ZA Tech podcast which is broadcast on the Internet every Friday afternoon. A panel led by Simon Dingle get together over a beer or two and discuss the latest in technology in an informative and amusing way.

The show can be watched live on but it is recorded and you can catch it later or, if bandwidth is a problem, you can just download the audio track and listen to that. I personally subscribe to the show through iTunes and look forward to it all week.

Another local website, heard about on the podcast, is and I have found a lot of interesting articles there. The two websites and the podcast will be more than enough to keep you up to speed on the local scene.

Moving overseas, one of my first stops is always the Buzz Out Loud pod cast hosted by Tom Merritt and Molly Wood. It can be viewed, listened to, or downloaded from

The show is informative but highly amusing, especially when Molly goes on a rant, which is something that happens quite often. Some of the show’s content is American-centric but I’m used to that, thanks to DSTV, and it doesn’t bother me at all.

The CNET website itself, is a treasure trove of news and reviews and, as a bonus, it is also the repository for a huge selection of software that you can download.

Hopping across the pond for a moment, I usually round out my daily fix of technology stories by visiting the technology sections at the Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph.

Enjoy the former while you can; the Sunday Times is one of the first major general interest newspapers to declare its intention of charging for access to its website. Owner Rupert Murdoch is confident that the pay model will work but there is a lot of opinion out there that readers will move on to sites which remain free. Interesting!

When I come to think of it, I do consume an awful lot of online media. When you take into account the general news sites I visit and add to that, the long list of photography websites and podcasts that I follow avidly, I’m surprised I get any sleep at all.


3 thoughts on “Keeping abreast of technology

  1. Dear Allan,

    Thanks for another interesting column.
    With regards to paid/unpaid access to news websites, I believe the unpaid ones will thrive. I regularly get my local news from which is the daily version of the Sunday Times here in SA, and it’s totally free of charge. I hope it remains so. At the bottom of the homepage for example, you can check on current exchange rates which I find really handy.


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