Photographer’s block

At the Temple of Understanding in Chatsworth.

We were talking about this and that the other day and the subject of photographer’s block came up. I may be unusual but, come to think of it, I can’t remember ever suffering from that debilitating condition.

Sure, there have been times when I’ve been uninspired and unable to think of what I want to photograph, but I found a solution that works every time. The bonus is that it is very simple to do and merely involves picking up my camera and getting out and about.

The destination doesn’t matter at all and could involve taking a walk along the beachfront, up a busy shopping street, in a market, an industrial area, or whatever. I have been on photowalks where I have not felt inspired to start with but there hasn’t been a single time where my camera has stayed in its bag for more a couple of minutes.

The other day I was watching a colleague at the very instant that she was struck by an inspiration and had to laugh when I realised that I must look pretty much the same. She was striding along when she caught sight of something interesting and went into immediate slow motion, feet still moving forward and head swivelling to keep track of whatever it was. You could almost almost hear the creative mental machinery moving into top gear; “Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

Anyhow, that’s my message; get out there with an open mind and inspiration will strike.


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