Full House

By Janet Evanovitch and Charlotte Hughes

Headline Book Publishing: 2002

I am always very happy to find a new Janet Evanovitch book in the library and, when I saw Full House on the shelf, I seized it eagerly. In the introduction, Evanovitch explains that the book is a romance novel she wrote in 1989 and which is being rereleased for her fans.

It’s not entirely certain where Hughes comes into the picture, but Evanovich does say in the introduction that she, Evanovitch, has gone back and enlarged and enhanced the book with the help of Hughes.

Unfortunately, the process of enhancement hasn’t worked and this book should never have seen the light of day again. The writing is very bad and the conversation is stilted, to say the least. Just how bad it is, is highlighted by the free Stephanie Plum short story, which is included at the end of the book and shows Evanovitch writing at her considerable best.

The story, The Last Peep, features the inept bounty hunter contending with a disappearing body and, when it is contrasted with Full House, it cruelly highlights just how bad the latter is. I am glad to have read The Last Peep but, other than that, Full House is not recommended.



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