CD cover

Sorting through my in-tray, the other day, I found the CD soul in a suitcase that local musician Rowan Stuart had given me in appreciation for some pictures I contributed. The first thing was to feed the disc into CD and you know, it really rocks. Of course, I already knew it would, having heard his stuff before.

I first photographed Rowan performing at a gig at a nearby Waldorf School. This one was my favourite from that shoot:


I later met up with him for a shoot in the studio where he was recording his album. Pictures from both shoots made it into what used to be called the sleeve notes and the reverse of the CD’s back cover.

Don’t know what musicians call the list of all the stuff they need for an album (their equivalent of a shoot list), but I spotted it lying on the couch in the studio. Below are two pages from the sleeve notes:


And we photographers think we have an expensive calling! The musicians have it pretty bad too.


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