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In the past year or two, I have become disgusted with the quality of the television broadcasts that we are offered, and I have compensated for that by listening to podcasts broadcast over the Internet. I shouldn’t think that there’s anyone reading this blog who doesn’t know what a podcast is but just in case, I’ll explain that they are the Internet equivalent of radio (mostly) and television shows, mostly available for free.

It was expensive and hard to be a broadcaster in the bad old days but computers and the Internet have made it possible for just about anyone to record and broadcast a show. Podcasts cover all manner of subjects including photography (you were wondering when I was going to get to photography, weren’t you?) and I regularly sit and listen to a one instead of being driven out of my mind by the television set.

From time to time, I will cover photography podcasts I enjoy in this blog and I thought I would kick off today with one that I find amusing and informative. This Week in Photography (TWIP) is hosted by a photographer Frederick Van Johnson and is broadcast about every week or so. Van Johnson is joined each time by a number of guests and they discuss all sorts of topics of interest to photographers, and answer questions sent in by listeners. Guests have so far included the very talented Icelandic photographer Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir (I can’t pronounce it either 😉 ), American photographer Rick Sammon, and many others.

TWIP generally lasts for about an hour and a half and I find myself looking forward to it in much the same way that I looked forward to radio shows, back in the days when we still had a decent broadcaster. I mentioned before that TWIP is informative and what I especially like about it is the merriment that ensues when Van Johnson and guests get to discussing the topics of the day.

In one recent hilarious episode, they discussed whether cameras with face detection technology were racist. This is in the light of reports that some of them are unable to focus on black faces and some, designed not to take a picture while a subject is blinking, refused to take pictures of Asian persons, apparently under the belief that they were blinking all the time.

The TWIP podcast is available for free download from the iTunes Store. All you have to do is subscribe and the iTunes software will download the podcast whenever a new episode is broadcast. They can also be downloaded directly from Van Johnson’s website, without the need for iTunes. Show notes including links to websites mentioned are published on the TWIP website.

Many photo podcasts are available on iTunes, which makes it easy to search for them. Give them try, you’ll be glad you did!


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