Blurry good?

I was fiddling with the trial version of Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro Photoshop plug-in and came up with this version of one of my favourite pictures, after trying a few different effects. Silver Efex seems to be a great way to convert images to black and white, offering everything you might want under under one roof, so to speak.

You can pick from a variety of presets and then customise the look of your picture by simulating the use of coloured filters, toning, and adding film grain. Using Control Point technology, you can apply effects to selected areas in a picture.

The package is pretty easy to use although I found the interface a trifle cramped, with there being no obvious was to maximise the work space to fill the entire screen. I like Silver Efex but the $199 price tag is too much for my slender means at the moment.


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