Huge big photo fun

This week I was planning to write about my experiences installing Linux on an old computer I have lying around.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t have made much of a story as my activities have been so far been confined to looking at the computer tower squatting on the floor of the spare room, acting as a bedside table, and thinking; ‘Hmmmm!’.

So that’ll have to wait for some time in the future but, talk about writing, I am really having a lot of success with the Dragon Dictate speech recognition software that I have mentioned before.I had trained it to the peak of perfection when I toasted my hard drive, described in a previous column, and had to reinstall it. What has surprised me is the discovery that the fastest way for me to get these columns done is to write out what I have to say in long hand in about three scrawled A4 pages.

It seems that I think quicker with a pen in my hand than a keyboard. Keyboards had scarcely been invented when I was at school, but my ex-teachers will be surprised to hear that I can hold a pen and think at the same time.

Anyhow, I then spend about five or six minutes dictating to the computer and it takes about half an hour to transcribe the recording and for me to edit the result.

Dragon is really great and I’m even thinking of upgrading to the full version, which can import backed-up-user files. The version I have insists that you start from scratch if you ever have to reinstall it.


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