I wrote about  photo website BigHugeLabs in my weekly computer column but I decided to archive that section of the article here.

I thought I’d share an interesting photo website with you.  It’s called BigHugeLabs and offers myriads of different photo-related services.  These include turning photos into a number of different things including a magazine cover, a motivational poster, a pop art poster, a mosaic, a jigsaw puzzle, an ID card, or any one of a number of other options.

You can upload photos directly from your computer or from the photo sharing site Flickr, and you can have many hours of fun creating your masterpieces.

BigHugeLabs offers you the opportunity of having these printed and posted to you, but this is of fairly limited appeal to us South African consumers, given the cost of international postage.

Where it scores, however, is that it allows you to download the file of the project that you create. If you use the free service, you can only download low-res files, suitable for putting on the web or e-mailing but, if you pay, you can download high-resolution files which would be entirely suitable for printing at a local photo lab.

There are a number of payment options ranging from $100 for your lifetime to $25 for a year, $10 for a month, or $5 for a week. Even if you don’t pay however, I still feel that you can have plenty of creative fun at the BigHugeLabs website.


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