Just when I thought I had got this Strobist off-camera flash thing taped, I managed to totally mess up a shoot. Our camera club had organised a model shoot with three gorgeous models but it rained and we had a sudden change of venue and a lot less light than expected.

A few of us Nikon shooters decided to practice our skills with off-camera flash and Nikon’s Creative Lighting System. We got everything set up quickly and were snapping away at a great rate, swapping models and poses and having a great time.

My pictures were looking great on the camera’s screen but I had forgotten one crucial factor. On looking through the pictures later, I was chagrined to find that I had somehow forgotten to select a fast-enough shutter speed fast enough to prevent camera shake. The result was that, although the exposures were pretty good, many of the pictures were too soft to use.


As Captain Bertorelli would have said, “Whadda mistake to make” !


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