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A quick post just to explain the new Alltop badge that has appeared on the righthand side of this blog page. Alltop is a really cool aggregator of blog content on all sorts of subjects and is a great way of catching up quickly with you favorite topics.

You go to and search for what interests you, say photography,  and you get presented with a page listing blogs on your subject, and each has a list of the last few posts that have been added to that blog. It makes it easy to see which of your favourite blogs have been updated.

Since a little while ago, this blog has been listed on Alltop and that has unleashed a flood of five visitors so far; people I don’t even know have read these musings. I wonder what they thought?

By the way, you can create a free account at Alltop and add blogs on any subject to your page. Other people can then visit your page to see what blogs interest you. My page is here.

Forget Twitter and all that stuff, Alltop is the coolest new thing on the web in recent times apart, that is, from this excellent blog.

Today is a non-photographic day, it seems, so I’ll take the opportunity to mention a story that you will not believe. We South Africans moan about our evil and greedy, monopolistic telco, Telkom. We have long accused them of providing expensive and cr*ppy internet connections. Today the case was proved. And how!!

Earlier, an experiment was conducted in which 4Gb of data was transmitted via Telkom’s ADSL circuits, between Howick and Hillcrest in KwaZulu Natal.  At the same time, the data was written to a flash card and attached to the leg of Winston, the carrier pigeon.

Winston then flew the 70 kilometers from Howick to his home in Hillcrest, got a lift in a car to the offices of the Unlimited Group in the village, where the data was still being received by ADSL. The Internet protocol over Avian Carrier (IPoAC) had completed its transfer while the ADSL transfer was under 4% complete.

Here’s a news report, the official website and Winston’s Facebook Page. He’s also apparently one of few Twitter users who can really Tweet.

Americans and Europeans sometimes think they have it tough as far as their Internet connections go, but they don’t know what tough really is.


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