Hitting a luck

The photographic gods sometimes smile on your photographic efforts and everything goes right when you trip the shutter button.


I was at the Battle of the Bands at Kearsney College on Friday night, and doing my thing photographing musicians. I looked up and noticed a beautiful projected pattern on the roof of the marquee and, at that very moment Xavier hove into view, sporting the most incredible head of hair.

I’m not usually quick at this sort of thinking, but even I put the head and the pattern together, and asked him if I could take the shot. I had been shooting with available light and the first couple of shots were nice sillhouttes and then, something made me pop up my built-in flash and take a shot with that.

Maybe it’s because I was down on one knee, but things came together perfectly. My D90 gave me a half-second exposure but it was dark enough so that Xavier didn’t register until the flash fired. Subject movement could have been a problem if there had been more ambient light kicking around.

Helping matters was that the roof of the tent was high enough so that the flash didn’t cast a shadow on it. As far as I can remember, the camera and flash were both dialled down to deliver about a stop less light light than the camera would have liked.


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