Keeping up with the news

There is no doubt in my mind that the best way to learn photography and keep inspired is to keep on reading about it. These days there are many Internet resources on photography, but how to find them??

Alltop, all the top storiesOver the years I’ve collected a list of sites that I like to visit but it’s much quicker and easier since the launch of a site called Alltop. They are like a humungous index of sites on every concievable topic and you can go there and type in photography, for example. You get presented with a list of sites on that topic and, best of all, through the magic of feeds, a list of the latest stories on those sites.

You can even register for a free Myalltop account which is basically a page to which you can add sites you like. So then, its only a matter of going to your MyAlltop page and you can instantly see which of your favourite sites has been updated and, even, read the first paragraph of each story. How sweet is that!!

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