Technically imperfect


I’ve been thinking about imperfection just lately. We learn photography and are indoctrinated with the belief that pictures that are not perfectly composed and exposed are no good. That was me for for a long time but I’ve lately come round to believing that pictures can be good without needing to be perfect.

My picture of mother and baby, above, has a horrible background and I would have written it off, even a year ago. In the interim, I have come to see that the picture captures a nice moment and that I am allowed to to like it in spite of its imperfections. I’ve even become bold enough to hope that the bride might like it too.

You’ll be wondering a bride has to with anything. Well, it’s an ongoing joke in our circle, which started when a friend was visiting the photo lab and walked up behind a photographer known to all of us. This chap [dude, for you younger readers] was thumbing through a stack of jumbo pictures he had taken at a wedding and, every so often, he’d stop and say; “Oh yes, the bride will like this”.

Ever since then, whenever we comment on a picture among among ourselves, we’ll say “I wonder what the bride would say to this”, “The bride wouldn’t like this”, etc. etc.. And then laugh like schoolgirls.


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  1. Ansel Adams is quoted as saying, “There are no rules for good photographs, there are just good photographs.”
    I sometimes see images that appeal to me and touch me on a level that cannot be explained. There is an emotional response at the time, and a memory that lingers long afterwards. To my mind, that is the mark of a good photograph.

    Rather that than to admire an image because the photographer followed the rules and got the exposure spot-on.

    Adams again, “There are two people in every photograph. The photographer and the person looking at the photograph.”

    It is a communication and I would rather be engaged in stimulating debate than the bland polite after-dinner patter that is held up as ‘good’ photography. I know the bride would not like this, but then what does she know!

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