Having their socks blown off

One of the latest videos to make headlines on YouTube and in the news media is something that I’d really recommend you see.

The video was taken of the show Britain’s Got Talent, which is a show owned by Simon Cowell, who also invented the Idols phenomenon.

The clip shows decidedly unglamorous spinster Susan Boyle, 48, about to go on stage for her audition to win a place in the show. She is being interviewed and admits that she lives alone with her cat, that she has never even been kissed, and things get worse when actually goes out on stage.

The judges and the audience are not inclined to to believe such an uncool-looking person could possibly turn in a good performance and are clearly settling back to enjoy her humiliation. Things don’t go according to plan, however, when Susan launches into I Dreamed a Dream, from Les Miserables, in voice which would not disgrace a concert hall.

She blows their socks off, with the audience going wild, judges Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell grinning incredulously, and judge Amanda Holden so far forgetting herself, that she gives Susan a standing ovation.

You can view the video by clicking here.

There are a number of versions of the clip, which should last about seven minutes, and each had been viewed several million times when I looked last week.

Free software and shareware, which you can try and then buy if you like it, has long been one of my passions and one of the prime sites for finding examples of both, in my opinion, is the oddly-named Tucows (www.tucows.com). It has software of all descriptions, for all computer platforms, rated on a sliding scale from one to five cows.

I recently visited Tucows looking for this and that, when I discovered that they now have a companion site called Butterscotch (www.butterscotch.com), which has many interesting bits and pieces relating to computing and mobiles. On offer are a wide selection of video clips, which you can watch for free, just by clicking on the one you want to watch.

The video clips are divided into shows, with regular instalments, and tutorials. The shows include the latest news on popular YouTube videos, computer-related news, great software that you can download, and the latest in mobile technology.

Also on offer are a wide selection of tutorials covering the use of popular online services and software programs. They include such useful lessons as how to print web pages without including the background design, how to use the popular music player Winamp, the beginner’s guide to blogging with Blogger, buying and selling on eBay, and an introduction to the Flickr online photo sharing service.

I have watched quite number of the videos and found that they are potentially very useful and designed to be accessible to novices and more experienced computer users. Because Butterscotch is based very largely around video clips, you would have to have broadband before you could derive much benefit from the site.

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