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Last week I wrote about Evernote which is a great service found for noting down all sorts of information that you might need to remember.

You can get the full story by going to the previous post but I thought I would just come back to Evernote this week to mention a very useful tool for adding information to your notebooks. It’s called the Clipper and allows you to select any item, be it text or pictures, in any program that you happen to be working on, and transfer that to Evernote.

The very clever thing about it is that, even if you can’t select the item that you want to remember directly, you can grab or all part of the screen you’re viewing and transfer that to Evernote. In the fullness of time, Evernote will synchronise all this information between your notebooks on your local computer and on the Internet, so that it will be available whereever you happen to be in the world.

Now you’re probably wondering why I would wantonly massacre the title of a perfectly good song by Middle Of The Road to form the title for this column. The truth is that I was cleverly trying to allude to the online service known as Twitter, which can be found if you go to

Twitter is basically a micro-blogging service which allows you to post messages, or tweets, of 140 characters or less about what you happen to be doing at the time. I have mentioned Twitter before and came to the conclusion that 140 character exchanges between people would be pretty banal, and that the service probably wasn’t going to fly.

It just goes to show you how wrong you can be however, because it seems as though Twitter is rapidly becoming the most- happening thing on the Internet today. It is has been used by no less a person than President Barak Obama, comedian Stephen Fry, and a whole host of other celebrities including Britney Spears.

The way Twitter works is that you signup for a free account at the site, and then you start looking for friends, family and anyone else whose tweets you want to follow. Tweets from anyone you’re following will appear on your Twitter pages and your tweets will appear on the pages of anyone following you, making it easy for everyone to keep up to date with each other.

Twitter has been getting a lot of press just lately because of the celebrities who have been posting tweets and because of the fact that it has been instrumental in breaking some important news stories just lately. Many believe that Barak Obama’s tweets were helpful in gaining him the Democratic nomination and in winning the US election.

I took a look at his Twitter page, which can be found at and I see that he used it regularly in the run-up to the election to alert his followers to where he was holding meetings and where on the Internet, they could watch telecasts.

In another case, Twitter hit the headlines after the miracle on the Hudson where an airliner had birds fly into both engines on takeoff from the New York’s La Guardia Airport and crash-landed into the Hudson river. A person on the riverbank took a picture of the crashed aircraft and tweeted the news around the world before the city authorities even knew about it.

So it seems that there may be something in Twitter after all. I did go back and look at it quite extensively this week and tracked down some celebrity pages. Stephen Fry hit the headlines a week or so ago when he was trapped in a lift and sent tweets describing the situation and providing a link to a picture that he had taken of himself and the others trapped with him.

I must say I’m still not totally convinced that by Twitter but, I suppose, it would help you keep up to date very quickly with anyone you want to keep up to date with.

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2 thoughts on “Chirpy Chirpy Tweet Tweet

  1. Hello Allan,

    Thanks for your column and the always interesting subjects you talk about.

    Several years ago a friend let me download a copy of Microsoft Outlook 2000 which contained a very handy diary and notes features. My computer crashed a year or so ago and I can’t access it any more. Are there any free diary programs available to download that you know of in order to avoid having to pay for the update of Outlook?

    Steven Duckworth

  2. Hi Stephen. I’m sure there applications out there but I don’t know enough to have an opinion on them. I have come to think that an online diary would be best. Google has a free one at, which has the benefit that it integrates with Gmail. It has the benefit that you can access it from anywhere. On the other hand, some might say, an actual book that you write in is still the solution 😉 Cheers Allan.

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