A good decongestant?

It all came on very suddenly but I ended up in Ireland for a couple of days last week and reinforced the affection I have felt for the place since I first set foot there in 2001. I am also more convinced than ever that Guinness really is good for me!

What has all this to do with a blog concerned largely with happenings in Durban? Well, both Durban and Dublin have been suffering from traffic congestion and, in particular, from container trucks travelling to and from the harbour. Both cities have harbours pretty close to the centre of town which has the potential to cause great congestion. This has happened in Durban’s case, as we all know well, but the Irish have more or less solved the problem by digging a whacking great tunnel from the port, under the city, to the freeway. You don’t see the trucks in town any more and its a great help. The job must have huge but it was completed and opened since I left in 2001. Here some more information about Dublin Port Tunnel and here’s a video of it, courtesy of YouTube.

I was lucky enough to be driven through it because it is also a great shortcut for cars going to the airport. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a ride of the other new transport innovation to come to Dublin. When I was last there, there was some talk of building a tram system to cut traffic congestion. The tram, known as the Luas, now has two lines running into the city and offers cheap fast transport. Here’s video of it, again courtesy of YouTube.


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