Container port

The Port and Shipping page in the Mercury today, August 27, 2008, has some interesting facts about the Port of Durban. We’re apparently no longer the busiest container port in Africa or in the southern hemisphere and slot in behind Jakarta in Indonesia, Port Said in Egypt and Santos in Brazil. In world terms, Port Said ranks as the 38th busiest container port, having handled 2.8 million TEUs (20ft. container equivalents) in 2007. In the same year, Jakarta ranked 27th (3.689 million TEUs), Santos 43rd (2.55 million TEUs) and Durban 44th (2.51 million TEU’s).

The page is compiled by Terry Hutson whose Ports and Shipping website is a valuable resource on our harbours and other matters maritme. He tells me that Richards Bay does a bigger cargo volume than Durban but that we are still the busiest harbour in African and the southern hemisphere if you measure by the value of the cargo handled.


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