In the last post, I mentioned the ongoing problem that many of our political supporters don’t seem to care if their chosen ones are honest or not. There is a prime example in today’s Mercury, of August 26, 2008, which reports that a meeting of the ANC branches in the Durban area has decided to picket the courts and police stations to try and upset Jacob Zuma’s trial which resumes next month.

He’s very likely going to be our next president and there’s no fear that the courts are going to find him guilty if he isn’t. Come on, the whole world will be watching closely for any sign that the trial is unfair!

** In the same paper is a comment by city manager Mike Sutcliffe on the new street signs which have been defaced. Sutcliffe is reported as coming up with the somewhat petulant threat that, if the vandalism continues, he will consider pulling down the old street signs as soon as the new ones are put up. Now that’ll really teach us a lesson!

John Steenhuisen, leader of the Democratic Alliance caucus in the council, said he was not suprised by the vandalism. I agree. The ANC has had comparatively recent experience of being in the position where no weight at all was given to their views and grievances. I would have thought that they would have been a bit more sensitive about putting others into exactly the same position. Unless the liberation struggle was really only about changing elites….


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