A Smart City

The Mercury of August 20, 2008, has provided plenty of grist to my mill over the past few days with the latest item being an article on the progress being made towards making Durban into a smart city. The idea has been to throw open open Durban’s extensive fibre optic network to residents to provide us with very low cost phone calls and internet access. Sounds like a great idea and there was a successful pilot, but the idea has has been cooking for so long that we had just about forgotten about it.

It was announced at recent press conference that the system is to be opened up to business and educational institutions before the end of the year. The system was much-hyped by the notables present but I’ll believe it when I see it.


2 thoughts on “A Smart City

  1. Come on Alan, this isn’t Russia.

    Who couldn’t ask questions? When question time came everyone just sat there.

    I don’t know if the sponsors were “ordered” not to ask questions but I think that is highly unlikely – from what I could see Mike Sutcliffe, Jacquie Subban and Robynne Erwin couldn’t stop talking.

    But why don’t you link to my blog – I was wanting to contact you anyway – I’ll be blogging about all this, right up to the Conference.


  2. Hi Karen. That was from a usually reliable source but maybe beer and hyperbole intervened. You’ll see the topic has been edited to reflect the fact. I’ll put up a link to your blog. P.S. You may be right about this not being Russia but we do have an uncommonly large number of streets named after old Comrades 🙂

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