Encouraging developments

I was down at North Beach just after 10AM last Saturday morning, August 16, 2008, and I was amazed to find the place immaculate. There was no litter in evidence, a circular flower bed looked neat and tidy and there were even information signs up describing the fish to be found off our coasts, and on the ins and outs of surfing.

A new addition to the wall of the lifesaver’s building was one of the notice boards promised by the city to publicise such information as water quality. Regular readers will know that there has been a major controversy regarding the city’s loss of Blue Flag status for its beaches and its decision not to reapply but, instead, to apply its own standards. Background information is here and here and you’ll read that the boards were to be put up. As you can see from the picture below, no information had been added to this board by Saturday but, what the hell, Rome wasn’t built in day.

I still think we should have reapplied for Blue Flag but I’m pleased with how North Beach was looking on Saturday. All that’s still needed in that area is some pots of paint and then to keep it looking that good, no matter what.


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