Mayoral Mazavaroo

The past week has not been that cheerful but a column which appeared in the Mercury on Friday, August 15, 2008, made me feel much better. It’s in the paper every Friday and consists of open letters penned by Greg Arde and addressed to Mayor Obed Mlaba. In his weekly letter Arde, the self-confessed most prominent member of Durban’s Mauritian community, describes the latest developments in his campaign to unseat Cllr. Mlaba as mayor of the eThekwini Munipality.

On Friday, he mentions a recent case in which a worker, caught sleeping on the job, was successfully able to claim he had been praying. Arde makes the point that the councillors (and Michael) [referring to city manager Michael Sutcliffe. Ed.] must have been praying when they agreed to buy back The Remant Alton bus company for R405-million, having sold it for only R70-million in the first place.

Arde says that his latest plan to unseat the mayor will consist of getting politicians to sleep more by luring them into massage parlours for soothing rubs and he even contemplates putting a mild sedative in his Mayoral Mazavaroo, a Mauritian chillie-based relish which always seems to play a large part in his plans for becoming mayor. He reckons that getting politicians to sleep more will radically reducing their opportunities to cause damage.


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