A city’s shame

The Independent on Saturday of August 9, 2008, (Women’s Day), has a story on its front page which should make us all hang our heads in shame. It concerns former Metro Police Constable Cherise Cox, who was apparently a highly effective member of the force’s dog unit and participated in many arrests. While on duty five years ago, she was shot in the belly through her bullet-proof vest . She has since undergone 15 operations, has lost her large intestine, has suffered tuberculosis of the colon for two years, has been severely scarred, and has major nerve damage in her leg.

She was injured in our service and what do you suppose the city’s response has been? She is apparently heavily in debt, having had to pay her medical bills herself, and she has to submit a motivation every two months as to why she should be paid a salary. She has apparently been forbidden to discuss the incident by the city. To make matters worse, the firearm used had belonged to the Metro Police. The weapon was apparently one of many which went missing, but the city’s reaction was not a model of promptitude, as reported here in 2006, and here in 2007.

The article in last week’s paper seems to have done a bit of good and the Independent on Saturday today, August 16, 2008, reports that a former Metro Police colleague is setting up a trust fund for Cox. I’ll keep you posted on developments.


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