New plans for white elephant

In the face of general scepticism on the decision to build a new soccer stadium for the world cup in 2010, the Daily News of July 25, 2008, reports city manager Dr Michael Sutcliffe as having said that the decision to build the new R2,8-billion Moses Mabhida stadium was based on a plan to attract other high-profile events to the city, including the 2020 Olympics. A UK-based consultancy apparently said that we could either refurbish the existing stadium for R800-million or go for it and build an iconic new facility. I guess the idea of being responsible for ‘icon’ sold the idea to city management but I would have preferred the R800-million option where you could have also fixed the fences along the beachfront, doubled the size of the fire department and had quite a lot of change left over.

That was the on the front page of the paper but, elsewhere inside, the city manager was quoted as saying that the country’s new soccer stadiums were way ahead of where the Germans were at a comparable stage before their World Cup. I have no definite information on the topic but its a thing that I would find very difficult believe of the Germans, having experienced their efficiency and ours’.


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