Snake Park vanishes

The Daily News of today (July 15, 2008) reports that Fitzsimons Snake Park has been demolished after the reptiles inhabitants and park owner were evicted from the premises two months ago. The park has been located on the beachfront since 1938 when it was established by Desmond Fitzsimons primarily to produce snake bite serum for the military camp [Natal Command?? Ed.] The city, in the form of city manager Mike Sutcliffe, was reported as saying that the park owners were given sufficient notice and that, in any case, the building was located within the coastal erosion zone and unviable in the long term.

I don’t know for sure, but I’m betting that the park owners did nothing because they didn’t have any money to move the park. We spend lots of money marketing the city but rather less on making sure that it’s nice for tourists when they get here. Our sub-standard bus operator Remant Alton, and Ushaka Marine World get plenty of handouts from the city, so why not the snake park? Why not cut a small piece off of Ushka and house the snakes there? Instead, we have one attraction less for tourists to visit and spend their money. I wonder what’s next?


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