New Street names go up

The Mercury (July 3, 2008) reported today that new street name signs began going up yesterday and siad the process would be completed by the end of the month. The newspaper points out that there wasn’t much fuss yesterday, but notes that the same might not be true when they try to put up the new signs in Mangosuthu Highway, the renaming of which is fiercely resented by many Zulu. The Inkatha Freedom Party has apparently said that the safety of the working parties cannot be guaranteed.

I wasn’t born when the Nationalist Party took power but, even though they pushed insensitivity to new levels, they didn’t come and rename the streets where people lived. The behaviour of the local ANC leadership seems uncessarily confrontational with their inflexible commitment to renaming such a large number of streets only after (what seems to me) ANC and SA Communist Party dead members. There does not seem to have been any thought or concern about the feelings of any other group who, I might add, include the Zulu, who are the dominant ethnic group in South Africa. This sort of behaviour is no better in my eyes than that of the Nationalist regime when they ran the show.

I didn’t think I’d be this upset when the renaming started again.


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