Speaking out on name changes

I very much fear that President Thabo Mbeki might have put the final kibosh on any hopes that some or all of the street re-naming might be avoided. As reported in the Mercury of June 27, 2008, he called for the renaming process to be conducted so as to ensure “inclusivity and nation-building and take into account the sensitivities of communities”. Nothing wrong with those sentiments but the snag is that Mbeki is pretty unpopular as far as the local ANC hierarchy goes, and they’re the ones running things around here. I’m sure they’ll be even more determined now.

Referring to an earlier post on the blog, which concerns plans to improve the beachfont, the same paper reports that the management of the Ocean Conference Centre are objecting to the plan to demolish it to make way for other things. CEO Ilan Haresh said that the loss of the centre would be harmful to tourism.

I would possibly agree if any attempt had been made to maintain this ‘precious’ tourism resource. It is tatty and faded and a major eyesore, as far as I’m concerned.


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