Water canons and shipbuilding

There was not much in today’s Sunday Tribune (22 June 2008) on yesterday’s story, except a brief mention that a protest had taken place. There was also a Reuters picture of a water canon being used on protesters.

In a more cheerful vein, in the Business Report section of the paper, it was reported that South African Shipyards is doing fine, having won the contract some time ago to build five tugs for Transnet. The company was apparently rescued in 2006 by a R24-million loan from the Kwazulu-Natal Growth Fund. Some 270 permanent jobs have been created and R200-million spent on local suppliers and contractors.

It was reported that major new orders are shortly to be finalised and that the head of the navy Vice Admiral Johannes Mudimu is to visit this coming week to establish SAS’s technical ability to build vessels for the navy and to find out if SAS can build ships “beyond the country”; whatever that may mean.

I have an article here which I wrote a couple of years ago on the local shipbuilding and repair industry.


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