Rubber bullets fired

The News 24 website has reported on a clash between demonstrators and police in Durban today. The police apparently fired rubber bullets to disperse a crowd who were allegedly Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) supporters protesting against the decision to rename Mangosuthu Highway.

Check out my previous post on the subject. The full events of the day are not yet known so I won’t pass any judgement except to say that I’m not surprised that there has been a reaction. Even the running dog Nationalist apartheid regime didn’t make the mistake of wholesale renaming when they took power. It’s just the sort of thing that might unite the opposition against you.

If I were the city fathers, I’d leave things as they are after the first lot of renamings. The names for future developments and structures would be open to debate but I’d want one of the first to be named after John Dube. He is a worthy canidate in that he was actually from these parts and founded the Zulu-language newspaper Illanga, which is still going today, and was firt president of the ANC.


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