Even more on the floods

Today’s Mercury (19-6-2008) has a number of pictures showing flooded areas in KZN. Snippets from the paper reports today include:

  • * A comment from eyewitness Richard who saw the BA plane land “significantly further” along the runway than usual. There was a huge spray of water and the plun spun rounf, as if it had done a “handbrake turn”. A picture shows the plane with its rear undercarriage (port side) of of the runway and sunk into the mud to the extent that the wing-mounted engine seems to be resting on the ground.
  • * The Sapref Oil Refinery was affected by the storm which knocked out a section of the plant. It was restarted in the afternoon. There had also been oil spills which ended up on adjacent beaches after getting into the sea when flood water overwhelmed the refinery’s storm water system. The Engen sulphur recovery plant in Wentworth had tripped and would run at a reduced rate for some days. Some cars and a bus had ben stranded by the water in Tara Road near the refinery gate.

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