Beach Renovation

The Mercury reported yesterday, June 9, 2008, that the beachfront stretching from Thekwini Beach (south of Blue Lagoon) to Addington is to be revamped. And not before time, I added.
What they’ve got in mind are an events beach and a multi-use promenade. The Rachel Finlayson Pool will apparently get a facelift and the Ocean Sports Complex at Dairy Beach is due for the chop to make way for a restaurant. Exact details of the plan were not known ‘because a decision had been taken’ not to discuss them before the relevant committee had had a chance to do so.

There was talk in the same paper that the city would have to bail out bus operator Remant Alton for the second time, to the tune of R11-million. In theory, this is due to the fact that the company has not received its subsidy payments for a couple of months. The city is to get its money back when the subsidy payments are received.

In the Forum (readers’ letters section) Peter Quantrill, who must be the well-known local historian, warns of the great political damage that would result from changing the name of Mangosuthu Highway (which I wrote about here). Quantrill said the move ‘sniffs of petty-minded political revenge’. He underlines Buthelezi’s pedigree and says that the naming of the street came about through his efforts to raise money for the establishment of Mangosuthu Technikon which had provided an education for 1000s of black people.


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