Public Transport Lanes

We have acquired lanes reserved for buses and minibus taxis on the western freeway. They were opened on Friday, May 30, 2008, and include a couple of kilometers of red-coloured tarmac running from the beginning of the freeway to beyond Tollgate. The lanes are reserved for public transport and occupy the right-hand, or fast lane, of each of the carriageways.

The Independent on Saturday of 31 May, 2008, reported that, after the opening in the morning rush hour the day before, the lane was pretty clear of cars but also that that the minibus taxis weren’t using it either. The Mercury of June 5, 2008 reported that the lane was being hailed as a success and that Ethekwini Transport Authority project manager Ramy Gokal had said that very few motorists had been caught using the lane. There are apparently sets of cameras monitoring three locations in each of the two lanes; each setup consists of a black and white camera which captures just the number plate on each car (with a 77% accuracy rate) and a colour camera which captures the whole car.

Warning letters will be issued to motorists caught this week and the fines will be awarded from next week. The fines’ll apparently earn the city R300 a pop…


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