Taking note of everything

Some people are starting to see Google as a new evil empire to rival Microsoft or others that have gone before.

I don’t see it myself because Google’s products are free for me to use and, so what if I have to put up with some advertising when I use Gmail, the price is right. Blogger is another Google service I use and there are many others that I don’t use as much including a photo album, and an online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation package.

One service new to me, at least, is Google Notebook which you can use jot down anything that interests you and easily find it later. To use the Google Notebook you need a Google account which you may have already if you use one of their other services.

You just go to www.google.com/notebook and either log in to your Google account or sign up for one. You are then prompted to download and install an extension to your browser which adds notebook functionality to your browser.

Once you’ve signed-in to Notebook, you’re presented with a blank page with a couple of elementary word processor-type controls. You click in the blank space in the work area to create a note and you can either type in any text that you want or paste text and pictures into the space.

You can create sections in your notebook to store stuff on different subjects or you can create a different notebook for each subject that interests you. You can add comments and subject tags to any note to make it easier to find later.

I think Google’s Notebook will be very useful for keeping track of things including interesting stuff you find on the web. All you do to store text and pictures is to select them in your browser, left-click the selection and choose the Note It option.

Another browser window opens, showing you the contents of your notebook with the new material inserted, and it give you the opportunity to type in a comment if you want to. You can also access your notebook at any time by clicking a button in your browser.

There is a search feature built-in so that you can find notes when you want them. Other features, which aren’t all that important to me, are the ability to allow other people to edit your note book or to publish it online so that anyone can read it.

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