Canopus is still OK!

Doing the monthly accounts is the thing I hate the most and I tend to put it off until the absolute last possible minute.

I usually manage to send out invoices more or less on time but checking incoming payments and tracking expenses is a major chore. Unfortunately, there always comes a time, like last week for example, when I am forced to attack the paper mountain and see if I can make some sense of it.

It took several hours of hard graft and plenty of caffeine, but I eventually managed to sort things out. An interesting fact that I discovered along the way is that Canopus, my computer, is now officially worth R0.00.

Each month, since she was bought, I have depreciated her by a thirty sixth of her value for tax purposes and now, in the thirty-seventh month, she is officially worth nothing.

In the past, this would have been the signal for me to head right out and get a new machine. I recall on a number of occasions being so fed up with my old computer that I couldn’t wait to trade it in for something faster and more capable.

This time its different, however, because Canopus is still just about perfect for my need, which include manipulating image files of 50-100Mb in size. I don’t say that a new machine wouldn’t be faster but this one is good enough that there is no real need to upgrade.

I’m sure the computer industry is disappointed to hear this news because, if a three-year old computer is still good enough for my use, this would apply to many other computer users as well, and that must be effecting their bottom line.

One remarkable thing about Canopus, that I’ve also just realised, is that I’m running the same installation of Windows XP that I started with. Service packs and updates have been applied but I haven’t had to redo the basic installation, a situation which was unheard of in the past.

I, and many others, found that previous versions of Windows started needing attention after sustained use, especially if you installed and uninstalled lots of programs. I’ve lost count of the numbers of times I’ve sat watching Windows reinstall itself from disc but, since Canopus and XP Professional, there hasn’t been an occasion.

That is remarkable, as far as I’m concerned, and so I’m even more inclined to leave things as they are until something breaks. There won’t be any spares available for Canopus when that happens and so I’ll have to buy a new machine.

I haven’t decided what route to go at that point, because I’m not too keen on the idea of Windows Vista, and I’ve been thinking that it might be time to go for something else. An Apple computer would be pretty cool or maybe something with Linux on it.

The business about the monthly accounts is just laziness, by the way, because I use QuickBooks, which actually makes the process very easy. It was the first program I bought when I went out on my own and it has kept the admin side of the business pretty much together; the only weak link being myself, of course.

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  1. The same applies to most new cars and other electronic gadgets – the use of intelligent re-branding and the marketing thereof has been around for quite sometime..hence the need to always need the latest bigger better full-HD plasma tv etc etc. Great column Allan keep up the good work!

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