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I mentioned a free and very nifty little program called Steganos LockNote a while ago.

It lets you securely record sensitive information like passwords and usernames and is obtainable from www.steganos.com. While it may keep your passwords encrypted and totally secure, there is a potential snag in that you have to remember it’s password before you can get at the other information. How hard could it be, I thought, to remember one crummy password.

Not hard at all, for a couple of weeks, I found, but then came the morning when my mind went walkabout. I tried every combination of letters and numbers that I could think of and still the darn thing wouldn’t divulge its secrets.

I went off and had some coffee and tried to think of other things but the password seemed gone for ever. I tried different combinations over the next week or two but nothing worked and I was tempted to delete the file and start again.

Thank goodness I didn’t, however, because one day, the password just popped into my head. What a relief!

I didn’t write the password down, which would rather defeat the object of keeping the other info safe, but I made a mental note not to forget it again.

Last week I talked a bit about Wikis which are software programs for making it easy to create and change web pages. One very interesting use of the technology can be found at www.pikiwiki.com, which is a site where you can create media-rich pages for the benefit of fiends and family.

The site is free and offers you the facility of adding text, pictures, sound or video to your pages. In the true Wiki spirit, friends can add content to the page too, although you can turn that feature off, if you want to.

I reckon it might be fun to create a page to share pictures of a party, for example, and let everyone participate by posting their pictures too. The system makes creating pages very easy and it has quite sophisticated layout tools which allow a large degree of flexibility when laying out pages.

You just draw a text box where you want text, insert your text and format it exactly how you want it. You can enable a feature which will allow you to drag and drop content directly from your computer, or other web pages, onto the page you’re working on.

I think PikiWiki is pretty nifty and I managed to knock out a page or two with very little need to consult the help feature. I think you’ll like it too, if you’re into the web publishing and sharing thing.

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