Swimming the Atlantic

Today I had meant to do a follow-up to my internet woes described in the column last week.

The article is archived online – see below for address – and has attracted a bit of interest. In it I told how I suddenly had to get some extra bandwidth from Telkom and, this morning, my bill arrived showing that they had charged me for the extra bandwidth a month before I placed the order for it.

I await a response from them on the over-billing so I thought I’d turn to a more cheerful subject. It was sent in by Karen and you can try it for yourself if you go to www.google.com and click on Maps. A page with several options comes up and you then click Get Directions.

Type ‘Atlanta’ in the first box and ‘Paris, France’, in the second one and then click the Get Directions button. A neat list of directions comes up and the first hint that your journey is going to be somewhat unusual, comes when you see that the estimated time for it is about 29 days and 20 hours.

For the record, to get to Paris from Atlanta, you would head southeast on Trinity Avenue in the direction of Washington Street, turning slightly left at Memorial Drive. After this slight hurdle, everything is plain sailing until you turn right at Long Wharf, in Boston and, according to instruction number 19, you have to swim across the Atlantic Ocean to France.

The distance given is a mere 3462 miles and one assumes that the bulk of the 29 days will be taken up during this stage of the journey. The instructions on how to get from New York to London are equally eccentric but with the consolation that, even though you still have to swim to France, you can catch the train across the channel to the UK.

I like it when people don’t take themselves too seriously.

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2 thoughts on “Swimming the Atlantic

  1. Hi allan
    I have been using Axxess for 2 months now and find it an invaluable resource for extra topup i need.

    I also use OPENWEB.
    these guys give me 30 gig local access for R130.00pm !!

    On the telkon 1 gig package they cut you after 1 gig but if you take the 2 or 3 gig package they only cut you after 4 and 5 gig respectively!!! – MUCH BETTER!!

    ALSO how do people ever get to view your site, here, when the paper CONTINUES to name your site as “.co.za” when it is “.com” !!!!!!


  2. Hi Mitch. I haver hopefully shot all the printer’s gremlins so all should be OK from now with regard to the address. I’m going to give Axxess a try my myself in the near future. Allan

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