Activating those Blueteeth

A project to connect my computer and cellphone with a Bluetooth wireless networking adapter had been on the back burner for many moons, due to the fact that I was scared of making the attempt.

Bluetooth sounds really cool because it promises to allow all sorts of devices to talk to each other without the need for wires. It is appearing in all sorts of devices, including cellphones, and I wanted to add it to my computer so that the two could talk to each other and I could back up the numbers on my phone by copying them to the computer.

I bought an el-cheapo Bluetooth adapter but instead of getting down and installing it right away, I kept finding other vital jobs like beating the carpets and clipping the cockatiel’s toenails, to do instead. It wasn’t until I saw the Vodacom advert in which George successfully manages to activate his ‘Blueteeth’, that I decided to make the attempt myself.

I unpacked the adapter and, luckily for me, took a quick glance at the instructions which warn you to install the software provided before plugging the adapter into a USB port on the computer. I don’t know what would happen if you plugged the thing in first but I’m afraid things could get pretty nasty, as they did once when I missed seeing a similar instruction when installing a printer, and literally had to spend a morning fixing the mess.

Anyway, the software installed on my computer pretty quickly and easily and it instantly woke up and was ready for action when I plugged in the adapter, which is a thumb-sized device with a USB plug on the one end. I then installed the Nokia PC Suite, which came with the phone, and that was quick and easy too.

The Bluetooth program handles the communication between the adapter and Bluetooth devices and the PC suite actually talks to the phone and allows you copy files between the computer and the phone, create wallpapers, make backups, and even use the phone to connect to the Internet. Both programs were fired up and all that was needed was something, the phone, for them to talk to.

I had to dig a little in the manual but I found that switching on Bluetooth is very simple and then it was just a matter of clicking the Get Connected button at the bottom of the PC Suite window. The software managed to find my phone and then asked if I wanted to Pair it and computer so that they can talk to each other whenever they’re in range.

Pairing consists of typing a code into the computer and the same code into the phone so that they do the Amigos para siempre thing and become friends forever and a day. I have now successfully managed to back up all the info on the phone and install a new ring tone; next, I may even listen to Britney Houston!

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