Bookmarks and backflips

This week I’m grateful to Karen for suggesting a clever online service for saving your web favourites, or bookmarks, and allowing you to access them from anywhere on the Internet.

The site to visit is, where you can very quickly sign up for an account and start storing your favourites on the Internet. The idea is that you add a Backflip It! button to your browser’s toolbar and, when you come across a web page whose location you to remember, you just click it.

The wheels did fall off temporarily for me when I tried to add the button to Firefox, my usual browser, but I quickly switched to Internet Explorer and everything worked fine. Backflip apparently works with IE and Netscape and I’m not sure why Firefox won’t play ball; perhaps there’s a setting I don’t know about.

When you click the Backflip It! button, a pop-up window appears which allows you to edit the page address, the page title and add a description of what’s on the page. You then click the Backflip It! button again and the information is stored on Backflip, where you can access it whenever you need to.

You either have to switch off your browser’s pop-up blocker or go through the procedure of temporarily allowing pop-up windows on whatever site you happen to be visiting. Once that’s done, however, the system works fine and, when you want to find a page you have visited, you nip over to the Backflip site.

Once there, you can use the search feature or page through the list of sites you’ve saved to find the one you want. You can make things easier and categorise your pages by storing them in different folders.

One innovative feature is My Daily Routine, which allows you store a list of the pages and sites that you visit every day, and quickly flip between them. The other great feature is that you can export your existing favourites from your browser and import them into your folder on Backflip.

The website claims that nobody but you will ever be able to see your favourites, unless you elect to share them, meaning that Backflip should be a better bet than your personal PC for storing that link to Sabrina’s Cabaret. Storing your favourites online has the added benefit that they would survive your PC being toasted or thieved.

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