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I have been covering the various ways that one can publish stuff on the web and now come to sharing photos online.

There’s nothing to stop you displaying your photos on blogs or on ordinary websites, as I’ve discussed in the past few weeks. If you’ve got a lot of photos to display, however, it might be best to consider using a service which is designed for the purpose.

There are quite a few of these around but the one I really wanted to try, Picasa Web Albums, is still being tested, and you need an invitation to join the party. I liked the sound of it because it apparently works together with Google’s Picasa software and allows you to upload photos to the web directly from Picasa. See here for my story on Picasa.

I’m not going to commit to anything before seeing the product, but I decided to check out what else was out there. The first service I came across was Yahoo’s Flickr, which offers free accounts with very decent features.

I thought I’d give it a whirl and found that it is very easy to set up a Flickr account once you’ve got a Yahoo ID and password. Getting those is very easy but I saved myself a few minutes because I already had an ID after establishing a test Yahoo website a couple of weeks ago. I typed the username and password in and, in a minute or two, had created an online photo album for myself.

The first page you see on Flickr has a couple of options on it including a big button saying; ‘Upload Your First Image’. When you click it, you get taken to a page which will allow you to select pictures from your computer and upload them to the site very easily.

The pictures you’ve uploaded are then displayed on a page where you get the chance to add comments or captions to them before placing them into your online album. It really is as easy as falling off a log and all you need to remember to do is go to the account section to choose the address that you will need to give others before they can visit your online album.

My album can be viewed at and I think it looks pretty decent for a freebie. Free Flickr accounts allow you to upload 20Mb of photos per month and, by paying $24 a year, that goes up to 20Gb per month. See below for links to other photo sharing services

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Other Services

Other services include Pbase, which charges $23 per year for 400Mb of storage space, Smugmug, $39.95 per year for unlimited uploads, and Fotki which does offer free accounts. Fotki Premium accounts cost $30 per year, at the moment, and include unlimited uploads and a shopping cart you can use to sell prints of your pictures.


2 thoughts on “Sharing photos online

  1. here is a big increase to your comment list.Found your column v interesting, would like to know when the picasa web album becomes available to the general public.Would also be interesting to know which system is the best for recording ones pics,Picasa seems to be good but it would be great to hear what the experts think.
    Gavin Gormley

  2. Thank heaven! A comment at last.

    I’d say Picasa is great for most people to use to view and fix their pictures but it will probably not be enough for experts and power users. I can see it coming in very handy in conjunction with Web Albums when they’re launched.

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