Cool Free Software

I have found a really nice little free program which could be very useful for all you digiteers. It’s called Neat Image and its sole purpose is to remove noise from digital images.The basic version is totally free and, at under 1,5Mb, very quick to download. I have tested it a couple of times and the results are incredible although you can probably get even better results after a careful read of the downloadable manual and some practice.
The only drawback to the free version that I can see, is that it is a standalone program into which you have to bring your image before it can do its magic. You need to make all the adjustments [excluding sharpening] to the image in your usual image manipulation program and then save it. The last step will be to open Neat Image and process and sharpen the image.
There are paid versions of the program which include a plugin which will work from within any image editor which is compliant with the Photoshop plugin standard. The benfits of this is that you don’t have to process the entire picture but can confine your attentions to selected areas or colour channels.
Neat Image and its manual can be downloaded from


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